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Posted by on Aug 25, 2013 in Customer Service, Influence, Michele Jennae | 0 comments

A Toast to Great Customer Service

A Toast to Great Customer Service

I raise my glass of orange juice, freshly squeezed, to the great customer service at Mike’s Grill in Placerville, CA. Actually, as a brand new restaurant, open maybe two weeks now at the most, they are still working out some bugs, but there were some factors that won me over immediately.

1. Buttered toast – Big whoop right? Every restaurant butters the toast! Well, not every restaurant butters the toast to the edges. Maybe it’s just me but the small details like this do matter. I don’t know how many times I have ordered toast and there is a small dab of butter in the middle. While that makes for a great photograph, it isn’t that appetizing to me. A huge glob of butter in the middle, dry edges. I’d almost rather butter my own toast.

I had to ask the waitress at Mike’s Grill who buttered the toast because it was literally seeping over the edges. She looked at me like I was crazy but proceeded to tell me that they use liquid butter and a big brush. I thought that not only was it a great way to get the butter to the edges, but extremely efficient as well. It would be much easier and quicker to take a big basting brush and with a few quick swipes ~ voila ~ properly buttered toast!

2. Extra gravy – I asked for extra gravy for my chicken fried steak and they brought out a huge ladle full in a bowl. This restaurant doesn’t skimp on the portion size. In fact, my fiance and I were saying that we probably could have shared one order instead of taking home over half of each of our plates.

Feeling like you got value for your money is important, whether it’s a small portion in a classy location, beautifully presented, or a sizable portion in a bustling breakfast cafe.

3. Service with a smile – Like I mentioned before, Mike’s Grill has some areas they can improve on. A carpeted floor, for instance, might remove a high echo of voices and provide a better ambiance. The waitresses were still learning the menu, but they were very gracious, checking on us for our needs, but never obnoxiously. Our coffee was refilled at appropriate intervals too.

You may not have a restaurant where buttered toast makes the difference for someone like me, but your customer service can reflect it with Customer Service To The Edges! Are you doing all you can to provide a pleasant experience for your customers?

As far as extra gravy and portion size, do you deliver more than the customer expects?

And the SMILE!!!??? That goes without saying. Letting your customers know that you care about their level of satisfaction with you is incredibly important! Who knows, it just might cause someone like me to blog about it!
What examples of extraordinary customer service do you have? Comment below!

Your example just might be included in an upcoming book!

Michele Jennae is a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about connecting people and ideas for wider positive influence., Tweet to @michelejennae
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Posted by on Jul 18, 2011 in Customer Service, Influence | 2 comments

Customer Service: Missed it by THAT much!

A Maxwell Smart Crime

Road trip yesterday. We left about 8 a.m. and headed north. We were meeting my Mom in Yreka, CA at 1:00 p.m. for lunch. She had arrived about 15 minutes before we did and decided that McDonald’s would be the rendezvous point.

After a long drive, we were happy to be out of the van and hungry. After the four of us decided what we wanted I stepped up to the counter to order. One Number 13, Size Large, Coke to drink, One number  16, Size large, Coke to drink, One cheeseburger happy meal, plain with juice, and one Southern Chicken Sandwich.

Well Oiled Machine

After paying I stepped back a bit to wait for the order to come up and while I waited I watched. I would guesstimate that there were at least 10 employees working at the moment, and it seemed that a few had just ended their shift and were leaving. I commented to my 13 year old daughter about the movement behind the counter and we stood and watched together. Everyone was doing something; loading fries into the fryer machine, making sandwiches, refilling beverage cup supplies, emptying trash, assisting in the drive through. One girl paused at the counter to make sure that everyone had been helped. When she realized that there was no one waiting to order, she immediately found something else to do. This was indeed a well oiled machine… This was going to make a great blog post. Until…

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Posted by on Jul 2, 2011 in Customer Service, Influence, Social Media | 2 comments

I’m a Sucker for Great Customer Service

I’ve often said that if you don’t appreciate Great Customer Service, then you deserve the less than great customer service you get.

As customer service seems to be worsening in all industries, the “greats” really stand out, and I love to recognize them.

A Super Wash, Cut and Style

Yesterday I went to Supercuts. It is a chain salon, where often turnover is high and customer service is average. I went there because I had made a snap decision to get my hair cut and knew that the chances were good that I could get in and out on my lunch hour without an appointment.

Matthew Silveira was my stylist. I asked him for a wash, cut and style and mentioned that the wash was always the best part because of the head massage. Matthew prepped me with the cape and neck wrap while engaging me in polite conversation. After I sat down and leaned back at the hair washing station, he laid a warm moist cloth over my face scented with lavender. He also asked me if I had any sensitivity to a tea tree oil shampoo. It was obvious that Matt had listened to the massage comment because it seemed that he spent extra time massaging during both the shampoo and conditioning. I was already impressed with his attention to detail.

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Posted by on Mar 5, 2011 in Customer Service | 4 comments

Customer Service is not Dead

I arrived home tonight after a long day, following a long week, only to notice that my alambres* were missing from my Mexican take-out food bag. As I took out the tacos al pastor* for my husband, tacos de carne asada* for my youngest daughter, and one of two alambres I had ordered, I felt deflated. One was missing! My stomach growled. What had happened? I quickly tried to figure out the pricing in my head and even looked for a menu on the refrigerator and online so I could figure out if I had paid for the missing dish. This restaurant had never given me reason to doubt their level of service.

A local favorite for Mexican fare, Jalisco Grill in Roseville,CA  is owned by Ramon Arias. It is family run, and my husband and I have met Ramon personally. He is amazingly patient and cordial even when the line to order goes out the door.

Tonight I had the pleasure of being served by Ramon’s nephew Alejandro Villaseñor. I stated my order to him, adding 2 cokes and 2 Jarritos* to complete the order. I paid the $42.20 with my credit card and went to get my complimentary, fresh, hot chips and homemade salsa  while I waited for the food to be made to order. Within minutes I had my bags of hot, delicious smelling Jalisco goodness in my hands. I headed home.

Here I am again, going over my steps in my head before I made the phone call to say that I was missing my dinner. Somehow I thought that $42.20 should have covered 4 dinners and drinks, especially since my youngest daughter is 4 and we only order her two tacos a la carte, but I failed to take into account that the plates cost $9-$11 or so (well worth it, I must say!), and we had four bottled drinks which are two something a-piece. I just simply could not do the math in my head, so….. I picked up the phone. Alejandro answered and I explained that I was missing a dinner plate, but that I was not sure that I had paid for it. He courteously asked which order number I was and what I had ordered. I know that I did mention two alambres, but if I hadn’t paid for it, I didn’t want to bother them with it, or leave the house again for that matter. He patiently explained that if I wanted to go back, he would check my ticket and take care of it for me, with dinner plate ready to go. I said I would be right over, but that I wanted to pay for it, if indeed I had not been charged.

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