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Posted by on Nov 7, 2011 in Career, Facebook, LinkedIn, Networking, Social Media, Twitter | 0 comments

Homework for a Job Search? Part 2

Homework for a Job Search? Part 2

Let’s get back to TJ. In my last post, I told you that TJ had an phone interview for a job in the computer field but had been stumped by some (Adobe) Flash questions, but he managed to secure the next interview.  I wished him luck and suggested that he do his “homework” before the interview. He replied to me that he had already graduated, obviously thinking that he had left his days of homework behind him.

Homework is much more than the rote memorization of facts and dates regarding wars and personalities, math formulas and chemical symbols. Homework should instill in us the skills to explore, research and analyze. This practice of data compilation and analysis is just what you need to enhance your job search.

Companies ultimately want to know what you can do for them. Just like when you buy a product, you want to know what it can do for you. How can you know what you can do for them, specifically, if you have not studied their needs? Saying that you can type 85 words per minute sounds impressive, but not if their number one concern is answering phones to provide the highest level of customer service. When interviewing with a company, differentiation counts if it’s about being the candidate that did his/her homework.

How then can you research a company? Here are some tips:

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