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Posted by on Jul 3, 2011 in Influence, Social Media, YouTube | 0 comments

Social Media Capitalized with Video

Video is the HOT topic of Social Media right now! If you don’t have a YouTube channel yet you are missing out on a huge opportunity to promote your business and engage your clients and prospects. Allowing videos up to 15 minutes long, you can post family videos, funny videos, performances, and even mini-seminars on YouTube. Typically your videos would fall into one or more of the following three categories: to educate, to entertain, or to shock. Educational content is actually the fastest growing in terms of new uploads but the shocking videos are the most viral, meaning that they are disseminated at an incredibly fast rate.

My friend Bill Walker of Simplie Indie and his friend Scott D. Davis have a YouTube video of some impromptu piano playing. Bill begins his piece and Scott jumps in to accompany Bill, on the same piano. It is amazing to watch.

You can educate, entertain and shock at the same time. Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV has effectively done this with his wine videos. He educates people on all sorts of wines, shocks many by being bluntly honest in his reviews, and involves and entertains his audiences. Largely through the use of video, Gary transformed the family liquor store from a successful thriving business into an unmatched behemoth in the marketplace. Here is a short one so you can see an example where he teaches his audience to swish their wine like mouthwash to get a better taste.

I just uploaded my 3rd video to the influenSPHERE channel. (Don’t worry, that 3 is going to become many more in a relatively short period of time.) I did a video promo for an event that influenSPHERE is hosting for Bob Burg (I am a HUGE fan of his), author of Endless Referrals and co-author of The Go Giver. Watch the video to get the scoop!

As you can see, there are many ways to use video to have fun while you promote yourself and others. It is best to keep videos under 5 minutes because your viewing audience has a very short attention span. Once you have developed a following, your longer videos will attract the people looking for your expertise.

What are some of your experiences with video?

How has video enhanced your internet presence?

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About the Author: Michele Valencia, owner of influenSPHERE, a Networking & Business Relationship Consulting company, helps new and established business professionals discover and fully utilize their inherent networking strengths to have greater positive impact in their sphere of influence through a mix of old-school networking techniques with a healthy dose of online networking.

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