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Posted by on Jun 29, 2011 in Brand Identity, Influence, Marketing, Social Media, Twitter | 2 comments

The Hub, Mollydooker, and Brand Identity

The Hub, Mollydooker, and Brand Identity

The Hub magazine arrived in the mail today and this July/August issue is all about Brand Identity. Having a keen interest in brand and its influence, I began to devour the publication with my eyes. Chock full of great quips and quotes, I decided to capture a few and insert them into my Twitter stream.

After reading a mini article titled Forensic Identity, Lettie Teague poses the question of whether or not creative wine labels are enough to drive repeat purchases.

She profiles Mollydooker, a wine producer in Australia. I learned from this article that mollydooker, a most unusual word, is Aussie slang for left-handed. I thought it was an interesting tidbit to share so I posted it on Twitter.


It was retweeted by one of my 587 followers, and I thought that was not bad for a piece of trivia. However, it was not more than a few hours before I had this Twitter reply!

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