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Posted by on Jul 2, 2011 in Customer Service, Influence, Social Media | 2 comments

I’m a Sucker for Great Customer Service

I’ve often said that if you don’t appreciate Great Customer Service, then you deserve the less than great customer service you get.

As customer service seems to be worsening in all industries, the “greats” really stand out, and I love to recognize them.

A Super Wash, Cut and Style

Yesterday I went to Supercuts. It is a chain salon, where often turnover is high and customer service is average. I went there because I had made a snap decision to get my hair cut and knew that the chances were good that I could get in and out on my lunch hour without an appointment.

Matthew Silveira was my stylist. I asked him for a wash, cut and style and mentioned that the wash was always the best part because of the head massage. Matthew prepped me with the cape and neck wrap while engaging me in polite conversation. After I sat down and leaned back at the hair washing station, he laid a warm moist cloth over my face scented with lavender. He also asked me if I had any sensitivity to a tea tree oil shampoo. It was obvious that Matt had listened to the massage comment because it seemed that he spent extra time massaging during both the shampoo and conditioning. I was already impressed with his attention to detail.

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