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Posted by on Jun 29, 2011 in Brand Identity, Influence, Marketing, Social Media, Twitter | 2 comments

The Hub, Mollydooker, and Brand Identity

The Hub, Mollydooker, and Brand Identity

The Hub magazine arrived in the mail today and this July/August issue is all about Brand Identity. Having a keen interest in brand and its influence, I began to devour the publication with my eyes. Chock full of great quips and quotes, I decided to capture a few and insert them into my Twitter stream.

After reading a mini article titled Forensic Identity, Lettie Teague poses the question of whether or not creative wine labels are enough to drive repeat purchases.

She profiles Mollydooker, a wine producer in Australia. I learned from this article that mollydooker, a most unusual word, is Aussie slang for left-handed. I thought it was an interesting tidbit to share so I posted it on Twitter.


It was retweeted by one of my 587 followers, and I thought that was not bad for a piece of trivia. However, it was not more than a few hours before I had this Twitter reply!

It was from the Wine Producer Mollydooker‘s Marketing Specialist Krissy Miller! It is clear that they have a search in their Tweetdeck columns for their name, and they seized the perfect opportunity for engagement. As you will see below, our Twitter conversation continued and I found out that Krissy is actually in the Bay Area, and that the Mollydooker wine is available within five miles of me at Total Wine and More in Roseville, CA. In a future post, I’ll have to let you know how the wine is.

If you want to know more about Mollydooker Winery, you can check out their website and you can watch this cool Mollydooker Shake video below.

Regarding the original question of the labels driving repeat sales, the article quoted Mollydooker Winery’s Sparky Marquis, who owns the winery with his wife Sarah Marquis, saying, “when the bottle is poured, it’s not about the label anymore.” It is obviously the taste and quality of the wine that drives sales, but a great name and cool labels don’t hurt their brand identity!! The same can be said of their engaging use of Social Media!



What makes you buy the things you buy? Packaging, taste, habit?

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About the Author: Michele Valencia, owner of influenSPHERE, a Networking & Business Relationship Consulting company, helps new and established business professionals discover and fully utilize their inherent networking strengths to have greater positive impact in their sphere of influence through a mix of old-school networking techniques with a healthy dose of online networking.


  1. That’s funny you blogged about this, Michele; the majority of the time, I will pick my wines by the creativity behind the name of the wine AND the artwork on the label. i.e.; I love Folie a Deax Cab, out of Folie a Deux Winery in St. Helena, CA. The label has two forest fairies dancing back to back on the label. I just love the design, so I bought it due to this. If I hate it, I won’t buy it again. But in this case, I LOVE IT! I’ve purchased wines because the labels had funny looking dogs on them, or interesting names (Robert Hall Cab, from Robert Hall Winery of Paso Robles, CA) So yes….I think creativity in labels in regards to wine CAN be a motivating factor in purchases. Maybe I’m the wild card here…but I don’t think so:) Happy Blogging, Michele!

    • I love your insight Holly! Some of the labels are amazingly creative. I sometimes will keep a bottle based on the label or bottle design, and that might prompt the first purchase but I think Sparky is right in that if the wine is not appealing, it will not likely prompt a repeat purchase. It sounds like Mollydooker wine should be PRETTY GOOD!