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Posted by on Mar 21, 2011 in Differentiation, Happy Mail, Influence, Postage Stamp Project |

100 Stamps 100 Days-Day 9

100 Stamps in 100 Days – Day 9
Postage Stamp Project

“100 stamps in 100 days” daily happy mail campaign and blog! I will be making an effort to send out at least 100 cards/letters over the next 100 days and blogging it. Encouraging a return to written correspondence!

Monday March 21, 2011

Today I rewarded two of the fans of my new influenSPHERE page on Facebook. Tony Cohn was my first fan and got the ball rolling and Geoff was my 25th fan, which made it possible for me to change the permalink from some crazy thing like!/pages/InfluenSPHERE/196276620405344? to the much simpler, sleeker! According to Geoff, it used to be 100, and although he was not “trying” to be number 25, I thought it would be fun to reward them with a great lunch at Jalisco Grill in Roseville. (If you have read my blog, you know that it is one of my faves!) I wish I could have rewarded everyone, but there’s plenty of time for more fun and prizes.

I also thought that after lunch today, I would send each of them a thank you for the insights and suggestions they gave me at lunch for influenSPHERE. They are true Social Media geniuses!

Stamp tally for the day:2

Stamp # 3 goes to my sister (Christi) and brother-in-law (Chris). Yep, that’s really their names. Makes things interesting when the family gets together. In fact, the family has been together, because Daniel, one of my brothers from Kansas, came out to California with his girlfriend Becky to visit us. My brother Michael brought his family out from Woodland and my other sister Cindy drove up from Los Angeles. And Christi and Chris hosted the weekend at their house! I love having people over to my house, but this weekend I just wasn’t quite up to it, and I really enjoyed being able to go over to Christi’s house with my family to spend time with everyone. (David, we miss you! You’ll have to make it out on the next trip!)

Thank you Christi and Chris for being fabulous hosts!

Stay tuned: 91 days to go!

Day: 9

Stamps: 20