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Posted by on Mar 18, 2011 in Postage Stamp Project |

100 Stamps 100 Days-Day 6

100 Stamps in 100 Days – Day 6
Postage Stamp Project

“100 stamps in 100 days” daily happy mail campaign and blog! I will be making an effort to send out at least 100 cards/letters over the next 100 days and blogging it. Encouraging a return to written correspondence!

Friday March 18, 2011

Yesterday, my work provided a St. Patty’s style luncheon of corned beef and cabbage, potato soup with all the fixin’s and Guinness Floats (that’s Guinness as in the Book of World Records, “wink”) followed by a potato carving contest. It was loads of fun! The lunch was catered by a fellow employee, Jill, in-house caterer and recipe developer for clients, and she did a fabulous job! But I was totally caught off guard when she announced that she had just received a hand-delivered Thank You note from another department. Ouch! How come I didn’t think of it? I should have already had one in the mail! Well of course, I penned one out right away, addressed and stamped the envelope, and I sent it in the mail this afternoon. But I was humbled because, after all, this is what these 100 days are all about.

I guess the point is that if we really think about it, we are missing A LOT of opportunities to connect with people through the mail. People LOVE to get things in the mail!!!

My second letter went to my friend Joel Wright, who I called after a letter that I had sent him was returned to me with a failed

forwarding sticker on it. He assured me that the envelope was addressed correctly, so I sent it to him again, with another note that says “Can’t wait to get together soon.” We met recently at a chamber event and have been connecting with each other via the telephone and a coffee one-on-one. We have also referred each other to other business people we know that might make great connections! We are planning another Starbucks visit for more networking! Joel (@CashFlowRealty) founded Wright Real Estate which helps investors identify, analyze, and purchase cash flow generating properties in the Greater Sacramento Area.

In spite of not thinking about sending a card to Jill before I did, I am trying to find ways to connect with people through the use of Snail Mail, which I like to call Happy Mail thanks to my friend Laura. I just need to continue to train myself to see more opportunities. If you are struggling with ideas to write more cards and differentiate yourself for the cost of a postage stamp, see my blog post:

38+ Ways to Start a Letter

I highly recommend # 39! After all people LOVE to get things in the mail, including ME!!!

The BEST part of my day was when my (now) 13 year old daughter (Happy Birthday Montserrat!) came home today and started writing out the Thank You notes to all the people who gave her birthday gifts today!!!

Stay tuned: 94 days to go!

Day: 6

Stamps: 14