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Posted by on Aug 5, 2013 in Influence, Influence FIVE!, People |

FIVE Influencers to Follow

The internet abounds with incredible influencers. My favorites are the ones you can have a conversation with. See my top five below!

1. Bob Burg – I do believe my first interaction with Bob Burg was through snail mail, although I may have tweeted him at the same time. The thing is not only did he respond to my tweets but he sent me back a card in the mail too. Bob Burg is the consummate networker, and well he should be. He is the author of Endless Referrals, what could be considered a textbook for networking. Another favorite book, The COnNeCtworker""” target=”_blank”>The Connectworker.

Follow Bob @BobBurg and find more information at

2. Ted Rubin – I still remember when Ted Rubin started tweeting about RonR, his personal trademark on Return on Relationship. His @TedRubin and find more information at

3. Gary Loper – Gary is a master Tweeter and prolific in his tweets of positive, inspirational quotes. Having worked with Bob Burg in the past, there is no doubt that he too is a master networker. He has a Blog Talk Radio show called Building Better Relationships and frequently does teleseminars in addition to the private coaching he offers. He is very engaged on Twitter.

Follow Gary @GaryLoper and find more information at

4. Dave Kerpen – I just recently launched a pilot coaching program fashioned after the principles showcased in The Connectworker, and Dave’s book @DaveKerpen and find more information at

5. Alastair Arnott – I met Alastair on Twitter because I was mentioned by my good friend Mike Ricucci, in a tweet to Alastair about meeting authors. Mike didn’t need to include me in the tweet to get his message across. He did it as an act of good networking and indirect introduction. I replied back, and soon Alastair and I were exchanging tweets and emails. Alastair’s focus on Positive Failure is unique, especially in the United States, where winning is the primary aim. Alastair argues that learning to fail is of utmost importance in our personal development. He has a Master’s Degree in Applied Positive Psychology. His book Positive Failure is available in print in the UK, but plans for a Kindle release are scheduled for the Fall of 2013.

Follow Alastair @Alastair_Arnott and find more information here soon as Alastair plans to be a guest contributor for influenSPHERE Magazine.