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Posted by on Aug 10, 2011 in Networking |

On the Death of the Business Card

I am wondering who to send my condolences to. I have heard it said that the business card is dead, extinct, defunct, and I would like to pay my respects.

Actually I would like to resuscitate said dead business card. I think there is still life left to live, life left to give.

In our world of emerging technology, super-connectivity, smart phones, i-pads, and the like, our communication is increasingly more digitized. Even the telephone these days is less about live voice to voice conversations. They are rather a conduit for digital output, intake, upload and download.

Back to the business card. Is it sometimes misused? YES! Absolutely… Some people hand them out like Poker Dealers in Vegas, but the house is not winning. Are some designs better than others? Yes again. However, that does not mean that it has less inherent value. (The real value is in the person handing the card to someone after establishing a connection!)

The value of the business card is a tactile reminder of the relational experience, an experience that initially should be more about making a connection instead of relaying a verbal blob of information about one’s service. Preferably, (in my not so humble opinion), there will be a mailing address, street address or PO Box, so that Connectworker™s can send a personalized handwritten note to follow up!

People still like paper! We like to hold books in our hands and print out articles from the web. Our Rolodexes may have evolved to binders of business cards in page protectors, but we still like to have them to jot down notes on, to compare paper types and weight, to see colorful logos and design, all of which becomes a blur on the internet, especially when we have 22+ windows open, like I do right now.

Do you think business cards are dead? Should we put a QR code on their headstone?


(HA! The QR code has to be printed on something!)