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Postage Stamp Project-Day 38

Postage Stamp Project

100+ Stamps in 100 Days – Day 38

A daily happy mail campaign and blog! I will be making an effort to send out at least 100 cards/letters over the next 100 days and blogging it. Encouraging a return to written correspondence!

Tuesday April 19, 2011


The Fruits of our Labor

Children are naturally social creatures, but their social habits are formed through imitation. It is amazing to watch them play with each other, enacting scenarios in their play. I am amazed at the things I see my 4 1/2 year old daughter do, as she mimics the things she sees.  Although she is fed lunch at her preschool/daycare, she wants to pack a lunch like her older sister; She also wants to take a (very heavy) backpack to school that she fills with her “projects.”

Speaking of projects, she has a dilemma and Oh what a dilemma! My Susi made two cards for school friends, all by herself, that she plans to take to school tomorrow to deliver. I suggested to her that she make a card for her teacher Miss Ileana for the Postage Stamp Project that we could put in an envelope, address and stamp and send in the mail. Her dilemma was that she was all of the sudden overwhelmed because there are a dozen other people including Miss Maria who “will want one too, but Mommy, I’m soooo tired.” She couldn’t imagine starting one more card because she overwhelmed herself with the thought of 12. Can you relate? This is the perfect opportunity to teach Susi that “little by little, things get done.”

I have scanned her art to share with you, and I am doubting at this writing that Miss Ileana’s card or the rest of them will be completed tonight. But no matter. I am so impressed with her thoughtfulness with regard to the rest of her friends and teachers, that she would want so much to GIVE to all her friends and teachers.

So I think I will send Miss Ileana a printed copy of today’s blog in the mail, and maybe it will inspire her to start a mini Postage Stamp Project of sorts with her pupils. I can imagine all the parents receiving Happy Mail from their children. I would even donate the postage stamps!

Remember, we have an amazing opportunity in everything we do to teach our children, especially when we think they aren’t looking. They are!