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Postage Stamp Project-Day 22

Postage Stamp Project
100+ Stamps in 100 Days – Day 22

A daily happy mail campaign and blog! I will be making an effort to send out at least 100 cards/letters over the next 100 days and blogging it. Encouraging a return to written correspondence!

Sunday April 3, 2011

I set out today to blog and work on my website designs, features and plugins, but because of my healthy addiction to Twitter, my focus shifted, and I daresay for the better even though I definitely have other work to complete. Bogged down by deadlines and commitments, we can sometimes forget to forge relationships because that too takes time. Those very same relationships are the ones that make our deadlines and commitments worth it.

Like I said, I was on Twitter and came across a reply from Twitter friend Jeff Marmins, to a comment I had made that a link he put up was broken. He fixed the link (I then Retweeted it gladly) and he thanked me for the heads up and mentioned getting the rest of his site right. Dealing with site updates and changes myself, I decided to look around and I came across another link that went to an expired domain. I thought to myself, “Oh no, maybe that is part of the problem.” Don’t get me wrong, Jeff is super intelligent, and successful, but very busy, and these sorts of things happen to the best of us. So I found a contact phone for him online, but reached his business partner Mark Bean, with whom I had not previously had any connection.

We spoke for a few minutes. He thanked me for caring enough to call, but explained some of the exciting, positive changes they were going through, mentioning that the site expiring was intentional because of a shift in their focus. After asking what I did, Mark encouraged me to go ahead and reach out to Jeff, adding that they were looking for some help with their venture.
I called Jeff and explained why I called, letting him know that I had just spoken with Mark.  I also mentioned that we had met briefly before at a chamber event and that we had a few mutual friends, including Jim Pelley of LaughterWorks and ULinkNetwork (see day 11 ). Our conversation stretched beyond an hour as we shared our current projects. Jeff and Mark with C7Group have been featured in the Sacramento Business Journal and in McClatchy Newspapers (Sac Bee and others) articles about Social Business and what that means. As a company they provide processes and technologies that deliver huge cost reduction, increased sales, and faster innovation. Check out the Newspaper links for FASCINATING articles about what C7 is doing. Cutting Edge!

Jeff asked me if there was another reason I had called. Other than to offer help and connect, I had no ulterior motive. I am interested in relationships first. I believe that relationships are THE key to a strong influensphere (see definition here). I am sure that Jeff asked me to see if he could help me in some way, as he asked me several times, “How can I help you?”, but I can’t help but wonder if Jeff thought that I might be calling for some other reason on a Sunday afternoon at Noon. I am a strong believer in a Bob Burg and John David Mann inspired Go-Giver philosophy! I normally don’t call people on a whim if I see something wrong with a link, but given the prior off-line connection and the few Tweets we exchanged, (see image above) I took the information he shared about site issues as a reason to reach out with what I found. And I’m glad I did.

Two stamps today go to Mark Bean and Jeff Marmins for taking time out of their beautiful Sunday to share their wisdom and passion with me.

Day: 22

Stamps: 61